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​The MOTiV Approach

People power organizations. And the best operational strategy will never succeed without a foundation of strong leaders and internal structures to continually develop those they lead.

We work alongside our clients as partners in their business to address their most significant opportunities and challenges. Through a robust consultative approach we build organizational alignment, accelerate the growth of people leaders, and create scalable structures to develop an organizations most valuable asset—it's people.

Real Results

When organizations have an explicit strategy and structure to develop internal leadership, they:

Recruit Better 

Attract the right candidates for the right reasons with a commitment to development.

Increase Employee Capacity

Get the most out of your existing team before adding additional headcount.

Minimize Retention Issues

Maintain institutional knowledge and progress with a deep bench of leaders.

Build Alignment and Clarity Among Leadership

People Strategy Audit identifies your business objectives and the root cause of any pain points

Executive Consulting helps individuals and leadership teams develop the skills to navigate towards their strategic goals together.


Develop Individual People Leaders

People Leaders learn first to lead themselves with self-awareness before leading others in relationships.

Leader Intensives, Communication & Voice Coaching, and 1:1 Situational training support this skill and habit development in aspiring leaders.

Multiply Leaders with Structure and a Shared Leadership Language

A MOTiV Leader Academy cements the path for growth for aspiring leaders.

Team Intensives and Asynchronous Leadership Training support ongoing development far beyond a single coaching session.

Good leaders add to those around them one by one. Great leaders multiply their impact to the next layer of their organization.

Kickoff Questions

Leadership starts with you. Flip through the following questions for a taste of our individual leadership analysis, and contact us when you’re ready to talk further.


Do you know what it’s like to be on the other side of you when you’re leading?

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Client Impact

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