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MOTiV Services


Strategic Consulting

You have an organizational strategy. Now you need a people strategy.

MOTiV Supports:

Organizational Consulting to ensure organizational structure and vision are aligned

Change Management guidance to help navigate your team through change with intention

Growth and Legacy Planning to ensure your long-term strategic vision is in focus

Companies with comprehensive people development strategies average 218% higher revenue per employee.


Self-assessed, the average team says it’s performing to 60% of its capacity.

Coaching at Scale

Optimize individual and team performance with results-focused, multi-tiered coaching.

MOTiV Delivers:

Team 360 Diagnostics to clarify objectives and measure team progress towards goals

Communication Coaching to find your leadership voice and code-switch in communication with others

Group Workshops and 1:1 Coaching to create a shared vernacular of leadership and growth


Leader Development

Level up your leadership with a scalable structure for ongoing development.

MOTiV Facilitates:

Leader Academies to build a deep bench of strong leaders

One-on-One Coaching to enhance manager readiness

Group Workshops to establish and codify a repeatable leadership culture

Culture Creation normalize management strategy, effective feedback and evaluation.


85% of an Executive's success is due to soft skills like executive presence, the ability to communicate effectively, and build trust intentionally.

Featured Programs

Featured Programs

MOTiV Leader Academy

We can build a scalable structure for ongoing development within your organization.

People Strategy Audit

Everything we do—with individuals and teams—starts with outlining a plan for growth.

Executive Hiring Report

Zero in on what you really need from the right candidate. 

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